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Sharing one passion: Sport

August 26, 2009

Marketing Week 2009 continues today with One HD’s Gus Seebeck talking about the conceptualization, development and launch of Australia’s only free-to-air, 24×7 HD sports channel.

It was interesting to learn about how the channel came to fruition considering this country’s love affair with all things sport. Network 10 took their market research seriously in the development stages, secretly commissioning Deloittes in 2008 to ask average Australians what it is they wanted from the newly commissioned HD channels.

The feedback was honest and forthright: engage us with a thematic brand, give us localized content, offer us better value advertising which is attached to the programming, appeal to new audiences (without displace existing ones) and have a flexible inventory.

The network considered 3 different approaches when deciding what to air on the new channels: ‘full suite’, which would offer a wide range of program and advertising choices across broad markets, ‘pass through’, offering existing content from other providers e.g. Nickelodeon or HBO or ‘genre specific’, choosing a theme and content and sticking with it.

In choosing the genre-specific approach of 24×7 sport, Network 10 felt that the appetite for sport in Australia was still not being satisfied. With sport being the number 1 driver for the uptake of digital equipment, the way people consume sport in this country is undergoing rapid change, as is the target audience (once dominated by males, but now increasingly female and ‘family’-oriented).

Sport brings a sense of joy and camaraderie to people and communities. We grew up on Ablett’s screaming marks and Allan Border’s defiant stands at the crease. We share the highs and the lows of our local teams, with our friends and families, as they chase destiny and glory. We root for the underdog facing certain annihilation and we revere with quiet awe the amazing performances and sacrifices athletes make in their quest for unyielding perfection.

It was these passions that 10 identified as they went on to to build and invigorate the One brand.

The vision? A channel inclusive of all people that was dedicated to sharing the country’s passion for sport as well as providing a reliable, free-to-air schedule and an insightful, comfortable appeal.

The brand essence? Sharing the greatness of sport.

The brand promise? Live the great sporting moments through One.

Funnily enough, Network 10 were concerned about the logo being green; however, once they, in conjuction with their agency partner, realized how prevelant the colour green is in sport, it seemed like a natural choice. Green is green for sporting folk, whether it’s the hallowed ground of the MCG or the comfortable confines of the back yard.

Being a massive sports fan, I found the presentation entirely insightful and continue to applaud and support Network 10 and One in their endeavours to bring the greatest sporting events of our time right into our homes in full living colour.

What’s next for digital sport consumption? Well, I hope it’s interactive, choose-your-own-viewing style content because I want to watch the Grand Prix from the driver’s view!

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Rob Frost

P.S. In the interests of full disclosure, I am currently interning at Via Media, Adelaide’s Digital Marketing specialists. Via Media is a major sponsor of Marketing Week 2009. The views and opinions expressed in this post may not be fully represented by Via Media.