Auld dog teaching new digital tricks

Malcolm Auld from MAD blew away a packed house with his presentation on digital marketing this afternoon.

I had started typing a post, trying in vain to capture the essence of his message.

I quickly realised it would be an injustice to Malcolm to put such an amazing and thought-provoking presentation into a measly few hundred words.

Bottom line?

Digital is NOT the only channel by which you can engage your customers, so don’t treat it like it is AND get good at the basics.

Tiger Woods doesn’t win because he’s a superhuman athlete.

He wins because he perfects the basics through practice and discipline.


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2 Responses to “Auld dog teaching new digital tricks”

  1. Christian Says:

    Sorry, but this presentation, while it was well delivered and had a couple of good moments AND some sensible advice in amongst it all (‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’), really did nothing for me at all.

    Low points for me included:

    Twitter bashing. Twitter babble is only 80% if you choose to follow everyone in the world. If you follow selectively and actually engage with people you follow you become part of the conversation. With Twitter, as with most forms of engagement, you get out what you put in. Check Auld’s tweet stream. Enough said.

    Keeping it real vs outsourcing. Which is it to be? The sentiment seemed to change throughout the preso. Do I write my own blogs or outsource it because I am not a copywriter? Should real people tweet or do I make up a fake customer service persona and have them tweet?

    “The internet will break in 2012”. COME ON!

    I totally agree with diversifying channels based on your requirements. But the digi-bashing got a bit old.

    If you think digital engagement is ’emperor’s new clothes’ give the EngagementDB a read.

    Yes not every brand is a Starbucks or a Dell, but even (especially?) smaller brands can dive in and engage one on one online.

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